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Digital transformation is a must. Consumers have fully embraced the digital age, and companies have followed suit, deploying programs to adapt to the rapidly evolving marketplace. But the pace of technological change is such that digital trends are shaping the future, revolutionizing the business world and turning it on its head. How can business leaders operate, innovate and thrive in the present and future digital market?


Digital Business Strategy – How to Design, Build and Future-Proof a Business in the Digital Age provides a practical step-by-step guide with frameworks, examples and real-world guidance to break down what is required to deliver complex business transformation.


Six comprehensive sections delve into: understanding the drivers of the digital age, how to develop a digital strategy, the core competencies of a digital business, how to execute transformational change and build a digital culture, how to deliver value today while creating opportunities for tomorrow through ambidextrous roadmap planning and execution techniques, and preparing for the next wave of innovation.


Digital Business Strategy is for C-Suite leaders, first-line management, entrepreneurs, SME business owners and students; anyone interested in shaping their team, business, service or proposition to be digitally sustainable and resilient in the present and future digital era.


  • Examples, insights and lessons from a leading practitioner and business adviser
  • Practical guide to developing and delivering a sustainable digital strategy
  • Includes frameworks, tools, and real-world guidance for complex business transformation

Author / Editor information

Garvan Callan is a leading strategy and execution adviser who works with Boards and Business Leaders across a multitude of sectors and regions to execute transformational change and prepare business for the next generation. His insights and methods are built on 18 years of executive experience in Financial Services across strategy and execution, transformation leadership, and deep domain experience in customer, digital and innovation. He brings fresh perspectives, ambitious thinking and transformational change management to dynamic market and organisational challenges to unlock opportunities, solve enterprise-level problems and drive execution for results.


In addition to his advisory practice, Callan is resident faculty with a number of Universities and Institutes, a regular keynote speaker, moderator and panelist on key strategic trends and future-focused topics. He also provides pro bono support to charities and startups, as well as supporting international development work with organisations such as the WEF.




“Garvan Callan was a senior colleague of mine leading the development and execution of a digital strategy for a > 200-year-old Bank emerging from the 2008-2013 GFC. He combined the passion and insight of a visionary strategic thinker with the ability to communicate in clear grounded language, linking concepts to commercial reality and ambition to executable plans. This book utilises these skills. It articulates the imperative and opportunity for businesses in the Digital Age with practical, useful advice and suggestions.” – Richie Boucher, Chairman of CRH plc, and ex-CEO Bank of Ireland


“In ‘Digital Business Strategy’, Garvan Callan has crafted nothing short of a masterclass on navigating the ever-evolving world of digital strategy and transformation. With razor-sharp clarity, he draws from a wealth of real-world examples, offering readers not just insights, but actionable frameworks that can be immediately applied. Every page reflects today’s digital challenges while also illuminating a path for businesses to not just adapt, but to lead and innovate. As someone deeply embedded in both the academic and digital business landscapes, I can confidently say this book stands out as a beacon of expertise. Callan’s profound understanding, combined with his ability to distil complex concepts into practical steps, makes this work an invaluable and go-to resource. It’s not just a must-read; it’s a business imperative for anyone serious about securing a competitive edge in the digital age. Truly, a remarkable achievement in business literature.” – Eamonn O’Raghallaigh, PhD, CEO, & Teaching Fellow, Trinity College Dublin


“Digital Business Strategy should be at the core of all businesses. Garvan Callan gives an insightful and historical overview of the digital changes over the last few decades, and, more importantly the book is a readymade toolkit with practical examples showing us how to tackle key aspects of digital transformation from strategy to execution. Easy to read and easy to use.” – Jesper Nielsen, CEO, BEC, Denmark


“The advent of the Internet connected people to each other, to products and services. The advent of the Internet of Things is now connecting machines to machines and humans. Increased network bandwidth, computer vision and sensors, and new technologies such as actionable analytics, decision engines and Artificial Intelligence are beyond revolutionary. Today, with these new technologies, we are inventing the future. Garvan Callan provides a thoughtful and methodical approach that shows leaders and their enterprises how they can participate in this new Digital Age. The most important consideration is how they can help invent the future via digital transformation.” – Jose Avalos, Chairman & Co-Founder, Austin GIS


“Garvan is driving a new voice in the field of digital transformation and the great implications going forward. A fascinating deep dive into some of the most important business issues of our day by a leading expert in the field.” – Richard K. Sussman, Technology Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur


Digital Business Strategy is a handy primer on what you need to know to develop a roadmap that will fend of obsolescence and safeguard the continued relevance of your organisation to its target market. The book manages to be broad yet deep, covering topics ranging from People, Culture and Digital DNA to Digital Marketing to Partnership Archetypes and Operating Models. All the sections come with useful diagrams or charts that summarise key learning points. It is a reference book with practical application in an ever-changing world. Congratulations Garvan!” – Olubunmi Aboderin Talabi, Director, Punch Newspapers, Lagos, Nigeria

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